SANDY, Ore. – A Sandy man, in an attempt to buy a snowmobile on Craigslist, asked the seller if he would be willing to exchange the vehicle for a pound of marijuana.

Unfortunately for Jason Owen, the snowmobile seller happened to be an Oregon state police trooper.

The trooper agreed to meet Owen to discuss the trade as a gas station. Police confronted Owen as soon as he arrived and found a pound-and-a-half of pot in his car.

Troopers cited Owen, 29, for adult possession of marijuana, adult delivery of marijuana and driving with a suspended license.

While it is legal in Oregon for adults 21 and older to have and use recreational marijuana, a pound-and-a-half is above the limit users are allowed to carry. All marijuana sales and purchases must be made through an OLCC retailer or an Oregon Health Authority registered medical marijuana dispensary.