PORTLAND, Ore. – Police arrested a man accused of multiple carjackings during a Friday night crime spree in Portland.

Israel Joseph Perez, 42, is faces four counts of robbery and two counts of attempted assault. Police say more charges will be added.

Perez’s alleged crime spree began Friday night when officers responded to an attempted carjacking in the driveway of a Taco Bell on West Burnside Street. Perez, who was armed with a handgun, tried to steal a woman’s car but ran away, according to police.

The woman was not hurt.

Later that night, police took a report of a carjacking at the Fred Meyer store on West Burnside. Perez stole the victim’s car at gunpoint, police said.

Perez is also accused of stealing a taxi in downtown Portland later Friday.

Police caught up with Perez at the Jantzen Beach Target store, where they said he was swinging a mini-sledge hammer at several people.

Investigators seized a replica firearm from Perez.