KEIZER, Ore. – Police cited two 14-year-old Keizer boys who admitted to dressing in a clown costume and chasing women leaving an urgent care clinic.

One of the boys told police he watched video of clowns chasing people on YouTube, and he wanted to do it himself because he thought it was funny.

Officers responded to a report of a person dressed like a clown who chased two 20-year-old women back inside the clinic they had just left at around 8:15 p.m. Thursday. The women were walking to separate cars in the parking lot when a boy, who was not in costume, yelled “clown!” and ran toward them, according to Deputy Chief Jeffrey Kuhns.

The women then saw a large person dressed in a clown costume running in their direction. They ran back to the clinic and pounded on the locked doors until someone let them inside. A clinic employee called police.

The costume worn by one of the boys.

Kuhns said police received an additional call from a witness who saw a clown chasing a man just east of the urgent care clinic. The witness said the man was screaming for help.

After speaking with the witness and learning which way the clown went, officers found the clown and his accomplice in an apartment complex parking lot.

The boys admitted they were trying to scare people as part of a prank that has been widely shared on social media, Kuhns said.

Officers issued citations for second-degree disorderly conduct to both boys and released them to their parents.

Police seized the costume.

The costume worn by one of the boys.