PORTLAND, Ore. – Las Vegas visitors are arriving back in Portland, less than 24 hours after the deadly mass shooting.

Thera Bradshaw and her five daughters just got back from Las Vegas, after a birthday celebration. They feel relieved they didn’t end up going to the concert.

“We are so blessed. Because if we had been in that venue? My whole family was there,” said Bradshaw. “So, we're home.”

“We couldn’t get tickets it was sold out,” said daughter Sean McQuay. “We had been trying to get tickets for months. So we weren’t supposed to be there. Something was looking over us.”

Monday morning as they waited for an Uber to go to the airport, they saw sights that will stay with them forever.

“Another Uber dropped off a girl.” said McQuay. “She had a sheet around her, she had bandages on her, bandages on her leg, she was holding her belongings in a plastic bag. She was in complete shock as she wandered past us. We're still shaken by seeing her.”

“It was just panic. Even if you weren’t right there, you heard shots,” said Larry Mathis. “I’ve never heard such a somber quiet plane ride.”

Mathis was in Las Vegas with his Portland softball team. He says he didn’t to go the concert but some of his team members did. He’s still trying to find out if everyone is OK.

“They were there, or next door, shoved in kitchens, some were there all night,” he said. “Barely made flights back, because we couldn't get back to hotel rooms.”

He wants to thank a good Samaritan for taking him to the airport, saying many ride-share services were not operating.

Another Portland woman was reunited with her family at the airport on Monday. She was at the concert during the shooting and described people screaming and crying. She said she is so thankful to be home.