PORTLAND, Ore. -- The husband of a Portland woman injured in a hit and run is trying to find the driver responsible for putting his wife in the hospital.

Jason Castro said the collision occurred at around 9 p.m. Saturday. His wife, Andrea, was attempting to cross Southeast Division Street near 50th Avenue.

“You know we're thankful that it wasn't a fatality,” said Castro. “She is very, very sore.”

Police are investigating the collision as a hit and run. Castro said the driver might not have realized they hit Andrea at the time.

“They certainly didn't stop,” he said.

Castro’s 12-year-old son was there when his mom was hit. He told police the vehicle was a white truck carrying a red trailer.

Castro spent the week talking with nearby business owners and sifting through surveillance video looking for clues. He expected his wife would be released from the hospital on Monday after being treated for multiple pelvic fractures and a severe concussion.

“She has memory of the ambulance when she was with my son, consoling him, because that's just the type of person she is,” said Castro. “She's selfless.”

Castro hopes the person who hit his wife will realize what happened, and turn themselves in.

“Contact the Portland Police Bureau and just to try to clear it up for themselves,” Castro said. “So that they don't have to live with that.”