VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Five cars were damaged in a fire at a Vancouver car dealership, Monday morning.

Flames broke out just after 5 a.m. at Woodrow Truck & Equipment at 3205 St Johns Blvd.

Three cars were completely destroyed, two others sustained serious damage.

“Oh it hurts,” said dealership owner Stephen DeGrandpre. “I got in insurance but it's not going to cover that much of it.”

DeGrandpre figured the suspects caused just under $5,000 damage while trying to steal gas.

“They do come in and steal gas all the time, but these guys were either in a big hurry or pretty careless,” said DeGrandpre.

Looking at a neighbor's surveillance video, DeGrandpre saw a can of gas catch on fire before they ran away. He also found a siphoning hose still attached to one of the burnt out vehicles. DeGrandpre said the video showed two men leaving in a white, Chevy S10 pickup truck from around 2001. He hoped someone with information about the fire would share a tip with investigators, while he tried to recoup his business.

“I'll just have to make it up,” said DeGrandpre. “Suck it up and go on.”