PORTLAND, Ore. -- Dozens of neighbors were fed up after their locked mailboxes were broken into early Thursday morning.

Neighbors said thieves pried open the mailboxes in the area of Northeast 158th Avenue and San Rafael Street, as well as at a retirement community just blocks away.

“This has happened twice in the last month,” said mail theft victim Connie Marcus. “We have no idea who’s doing it.”

“I heard some banging, and a ‘clankity, clankity, clack’ sound,” said Marcus’ husband, Frank Garwood. He said he looked out his window and saw several people outside, but no faces.

“This was three in the morning so I kind of figured out what was going on,” said Garwood. “They were busting into the mailbox—again.”

Neighbors said until their boxes are fixed, they would have to pick up their mail from the nearest post office three miles away.

“Which is a pain in the rear end,” said Marcus. “Plus, not knowing if somebody has our information.”

Neighbors said a lot of their stolen mail had ended up scattered on the street, including prescription drugs.

“They'll look through the mail like, ‘this is junk, we don't need it, this is junk we don't need that.’ It's a big, huge problem,” said Marcus.

Marcus filed a police report. Portland police confirmed they received the report and were looking into the case, but hadn’t yet developed a suspect description.

Marcus said postal service workers told her they would repair the locks again. To many neighbors, the problem requires a new, more secure lock box, not additional repairs.

“If that's as secure as it gets, something needs to change,” said Garwood. “It's happened too many times.”

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Portland Police Bureau.