PORTLAND, Ore. -- There is concern in the local cycling community after reports of tripwires around town.

“It’s a serious thing” said cyclist Ed Waters.

On Thursday morning, a tripwire was discovered at Gateway Green, an off-road cycling park between interstates 84 and 205. A picture of the hazard was posted to BikePortland.org.

“The fact someone is making it dangerous, it really ruins the spirit of why this place is here,” said Waters.

Cyclists are now taking extra precautions they otherwise would not.

“When I first went through the trail I went extremely slow to make sure I didn’t see anything,” said cyclist Alex Jackson.

Earlier in the week a tripwire was spotted near Northeast Irving Street and 16th Avenue. Officers responded to investigate, but the hazard was gone by the time they arrived.

“I hope whoever is doing it stops doing it,” said Waters.

Anyone with information should contact authorities.