HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. -- A Happy Valley area woman says her home was tagged with a swastika Wednesday afternoon.

Katie Dunne said in a Facebook post that earlier Wednesday, she was driving home when she saw a truck with two men chanting “white is right,” and the men pointed at her and nodded. She said she shook her head no and pointed to a safety pin she was wearing, a symbol of opposition to Trump’s election.

Dunne, who is white, said she came home, unloaded her groceries and fed her kids lunch. She then decided to take her children to a park when she went outside and saw the swastika on the garage door. Dunne said someone must have put it there between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Dunne thinks the two men in the truck followed her home and vandalized her garage door but she isn’t certain. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

However, Dunne and her children are using the incident to spread a message of love.

“It was a teaching moment for our kids,” said Dunne. “To let them know that [hate] is out there and we need to stand up and be brave enough to say ‘no’ when you feel like something's wrong.”

Dunne’s three kids thought of covering the swastika with a heart. Right now, it’s just a temporary cover made of cardboard and tape. Soon, Dunne says it will be a permanent symbol.

“We are going to be painting it with a rainbow heart just to show that we will come through this and love does trump hate.”