PORTLAND, Ore. -- Peaceful protests became riots a little over a week ago. The images are still startling to many who live and work in Portland.

“We're not that kind of town. We're not that kind of people,” said Neysa Bogar, who works in downtown Portland.

Police are making arrests, thanks to cellphone video, photos and televised news reports. Their ‘Can you ID me’ website is also helping.

The images helped them identify 21-year-old Miguel Rebello, who turned himself in on Sunday. Police said he was caught in the act.

“He was arrested for damaging a woman's vehicle and she had two little kids in the car at the same time,” said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.

Police have made a number of arrests already, including 20-year-old Gavin Hotchkiss. Investigators said he played a part in damaging a Trump supporter's car. The driver took video of an angry mob, surrounding his car.

“They thought they could hide. They thought they could go do this kind of damage and not face any consequences and slowly but surely, investigators are putting handcuffs on people that are doing this damage,” said Simpson.

In Northwest Portland, where many businesses had windows broken, some employees said they're glad Rebello turned himself in.

“You go out and smash stuff, break people's property. It's a crime, so I think that's just the consequences of their actions,” said Todd Gleason. He works at Urban Pantry, an eatery that had its glass door shattered.

Police are looking for a number of people, but one person sticks out to them, a man who looks like he's making a molotov cocktail.

Folks in Portland said they just hope people can channel their anger into something less destructive.

“This is where we live. We should treat it that way,” said Bogar.

If anyone is bent on causing damage at the next protest, police have a stern message for them.

“We might not get you that day, but we're going to get you,” Simpson said.

Investigators hope if more protests do happen, people will report any folks who are acting violently or causing damage.

Rebello is expected in court on Tuesday.