CAMAS, Wash. — Camas police are asking the public to help them find two suspects related to a home burglary in Camas on July 4.

The burglary happened on July 4 at 9:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of Northwest 35th Avenue. The burglar came into the home through an unlocked sliding door and took several items, including credit cards and jewelry, before being interrupted by the homeowner.

According to a Camas Police spokesperson, the homeowner was at home, sleeping, when the burglary occurred. She woke when the doorbell rang and said she heard heavy footsteps. She called out for her husband and then heard the suspect running out of the home.

The victim called her husband and then the police.

Later that morning, the stolen credit cards were used at the Fisher's Landing Fred Meyer in Vancouver. Camas police obtained surveillance images of two suspects, a man and a woman, using the stolen credit cards.

If you recognize either of the suspects, please contact Camas Police Officer Steven Forgette at 360-834-4151.

Photos: Camas burglary suspects