PORTLAND, Ore. -- Just a few days after the carts at the Portland Mercado were broken into, burglars broke into food carts on Southeast Foster Road.

Most owners take their valuables out of the cart when they close, but they still have to fix all sorts of damage and some had to close for the entire day.

The glass on the ground and the bent door did not match up with Lisa Bucci’s dream of running a salon out of a cart.

“To stay a small business,” said Bucci. “To not have to sell out and lose the individuality.”

But she says staying small made her vulnerable.

“They basically went through everything. They went through the drawers, knocked everything over, and stole all my product.”

Owners of the carts on Foster said 10 carts were broken into. The burglars caused hundreds of dollars in damage.Some carts only contained a few dollars in change.

“I feel violated. I feel completely violated, and I don't think it is fair what happened,” Bucci said. She won't let those feelings keep her from getting back to work on her dream.

“This is my space. I made it. I paid for it. I created it. And I worked for it.”

Police say they are working on reports and have some surveillance video from the area, but so far they have no leads.