MANZANITA, Ore. -- Splintered tree tops and toppled giants tell the story of the furious wind that dropped out of the sky in Manzanita on Friday.

The trees stick up awkwardly. Branches torn away by a tornado were stacked along the road in piles that make the neighborhood smell like a Christmas tree lot.

Chainsaws whine on several streets as homeowners arrive from the Portland area to inspect their vacation houses.

Michael Klein found some damage and a much different feel.

“It's a completely different neighborhood now. All these big beautiful trees are now gone,” he said.

Four days after the tornado, cleanup is well underway. But on one street, a house stands oddly tilted, its roof gone, crumpled in the neighbor’s yard to the east.

Next door to the pile of roof, Kathleen Kanas thought about the future as she cleaned up. She lives above her art gallery and put the building up for sale at the end of August.

After the wind blew out all her windows and damaged the roof, she’s having a change of heart.

“Now I’m going to be getting probably a whole new remodel inside, getting things just the way I want it so I might just end up staying here rather than selling,” she said with a laugh.

A couple doors away, volunteers were busy helping move the Moxie Fair Trade business out of its damaged building.

It’s the silver lining of disaster. A community rallying to help each other.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said Devon Mersereau as he tied down a tarp over his big truck filled with items from Moxie Fair Trade.

“This community comes together and it’s magic,” he said.

It’s even more than that for business owner Sarah Simmons.

“It’s beyond amazing, its life giving,” she said.

Simmons was moved by the outpouring of support from friends and strangers.

“This is what we need to see in the world. This is what matters. All what matters,” she said.