BEAVERTON, Ore – Beaverton Bakery is back open for business, after the bakery experienced a rat infestation and a flood.

The bakery voluntarily closed last Tuesday, after someone complained about rats in the building. An inspection revealed a rodent infestation, rat droppings, urine, and contaminated ingredients.

It re-opened Sunday, after passing another inspection on Saturday.

It also issued a product recall for products, due to unsanitary conditions. Customers who purchased products at Beaverton Bakery were urged to destroy them or return them.

"We are not aware of any reported cases of illness related to those products," the recall says.

Owner Carrie Anne Schubert apologized for the problem, and said the bakery is working to make sure its facility is clean.

She says, in the already tough winter, a pipe broke, which then caused the rodent infestation.

“I really apologize that this happened. We did have a major flood, and when you have a flood in Portland, I bet you any restaurant person in Portland will tell you this, when that happens, the rodents are attracted. Because of the holes, because of the sugar, because of all of this, it happened fast ,and it was furious. Honestly, we have done everything we possibly can to take care of the problem,” she said.

Schubert says she grew up in the bakery, after her father purchased it decades ago. It started originally in 1925, and she says the building is much older than that.

The bakery is working with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

“Our inspection on Saturday was typically thorough and designed to ensure that the rodent problem has sufficiently been addressed by the bakery,” said Bruce Pokarney, director of communications at the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

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