SALEM, Ore. Aspen Dental’s Mouth Mobile travels all over the country. Tuesday, it made a stop in Salem, to offer free dental care to veterans.

Air Force veteran Dave Holt served all over the world. Tuesday, he's putting on another brave face for some much-needed work. “I’m having a couple teeth pulled,” Holt said. “Healthwise you know, its concerned me. I haven't been able to get it done.”

He's inside the Mouth Mobile. a 42-foot dentist office on wheels. It’s a part of Aspen Dentals' Healthy Mouth Movement “We try to take care of most urgent needs first whether its hygiene or an extraction,” said Mouth Mobile Manager Emily Boyd.

The Mouth Mobile travels all over the country, providing free dental care to veterans, at a time when care is often too expensive, or too far away.“There’s just such a need, and such a gap for veterans and their dental care,” said Boyd

“It gives me relief. I’ve had mouth problems and toothaches, and it makes me feel really good. That someone can provide,” Said Holt. “I don't have dental insurance, and this helps a lot.”

At each visit, local volunteers are here to help. Salem’s stop is the 30th, and final stop of the tour, until next year.

“I’m glad I can get this done, to help me just start doing what I need to do,” said Holt.

The Mouth Mobile will be in Salem Tuesday from 9:00am-3:00pm.