VANCOUVER, Wash. – If you live in or near Vancouver’s Lincoln neighborhood and you are missing something of value, contact police.

Police have arrested two individuals, Wesley E. Neill, 20, of Vancouver, and a 16-year-old male, also of Vancouver, for multiple counts of Residential Burglary and Burglary.

According to the investigation, the pair may be involved in as many as 10-15 burglaries and up to 50 vehicle prowls.

Most of the duo’s alleged crimes occurred within the Lincoln neighborhood, Vancouver police stated in a news release. And in sorting the alleged loot, police have concluded that many victims simply did not report the crimes.

Detectives are attempting to reunite property that was recovered with the rightful owners.

However, because many of the burglaries and vehicle prowls were never reported, reunification of some of the property with the rightful owners is proving extremely difficult, police said.

Vancouver Police Department took the case January 31, 2017, on the reports of several auto prowls and burglaries in the area of 4500 Washington Street, primarily in the Lincoln and surrounding neighborhoods in west Vancouver.

Detectives uncovered three reported burglaries connected to this investigation and were able to identify suspects related to these crimes.

Neill was booked in the Clark County Jail and the 16-year-old was booked into the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.

Victims who reported a burglary or auto prowl, and know their serial numbers, or have identifying marks on their property, should contact Detective Zachary Ripp at or (360) 487-7400 ext. 3112.