PORTLAND, Ore. -- Lowes and community members donated thousands of dollars’ worth of tools to Benson High School students, after someone stole tools from the school.

The tools, stolen in October, were worth $8,000 to $9,000. Friday, Lowes donated about that same amount in tools, as well as a storage container to store them in.

The students and teachers say they are overwhelmed with gratitude. They use the tools to build tiny houses for the homeless, and were devastated when someone stole their original tools.

Since the story about the theft aired on KGW, teachers say they have seen an outpouring of community support. People have dropped off checks, and more tools, including a homeless woman, who also wanted to help in any way she could.

“It means a lot. It’s nice to know that people support what we are doing here,” said student Duke Johnson.

“It’s just great you know, the tools that were donated, we can finally finish the house we started as freshmen,” said student Dimar Hernandez.

The Carpenters Union also donated power tools.

Teachers say people in the community have donated $9,000, on top of the Lowes donation. They plan to use the money to buy more tools, and to build solar-power charging stations for homeless encampments.