CORNELIUS, Ore - A man just arrested for stealing $15,000 worth of jewelry from the Cornelius Fred Meyer store was already in jail for carjacking a vehicle in Hillsboro in February.

Marshall Litten, 25, was lodged in the Washington County Jail on February 2, 2017, on charges of robbery, eluding and unlawful use of a vehicle.

When Washington County Sheriff's Deputies saw his mugshot from the carjacking, they recognized him from surveillance camera footage of the January jewelry theft.

Police were called to the Cornelius Fred Meyer store on January 19 at 4:43 p.m. A man had come into the jewelry section, smashed a display case, grabbed gold necklaces and run out of the store.

Sheriff's deputies searched the area but did not locate the thief. The gold necklaces were valued at $15,666.

After the mugshot caught their eye, police turned to their forensics science unit, which processed physical evidence from the store to confirm Litten was the man responsible for the theft.

On March 3, Litten was charged with First Degree Theft and Criminal Mischief charges pertaining to the theft at Fred Meyer. He is being held on $280,000 total bail.

Deputies have recovered some of the jewelry and continue to search for the rest.