LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- An eBay auction for a rare 1970 U.S. quarter has gotten a lot of attention over the past few days, with the seller asking $35,000 for the coin.

More than 1,500 buyers are watching the item and seller Mike Byers had already received dozens of inquiries by Tuesday morning.

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Due to a major mint error the S-proof quarter was not struck over a blank, but instead over a 1941 Canada quarter, according to Byers.

He says some of the detail of the original coin is still evident, including the "1941" date stamp above the word "Dollar" on the tails side. On the heads side the Latin writing on the border of the original coin is still visible.

Byers says in his listing that the coin was part of a small collection auctioned off by the state of California after the Secret Service determined the quarters were legal to own. Since then they've been widely dispersed.

Similar 1970 quarters are also being sold on eBay for $2,500 and for $5,000.