PORTLAND, Ore. – A retired Portland man made the most of a free lottery ticket, turning it into nearly $2 million.

Bob Frost said he regularly plays Oregon’s Game Megabucks with his wife but had never won before.

He won a free ticket by matching three of six numbers on a previous ticket, which he bought at the Lucky Spot in Portland. That extra ticket ended up being a $5.9 million jackpot winner Saturday night.

"We win free tickets all the time when we play, but have never won anything with the free tickets," Frost said Monday. "That's until today."

Frost and his wife have a morning ritual on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, when they have a cup of coffee and check their numbers from the previous night’s drawing.

When Frost realized he had the winning ticket, he showed his wife, who thought she must have written the numbers down wrong. But they pulled up the numbers online and reality set in that they were millionaires.

"We didn't know if you could win the jackpot on a free ticket, so we were looking on the lottery website trying to see if there was a loophole or something," he said. "When we didn't find anything, we decided to go buy a dishwasher. We needed one and figured even if we didn't win, it was still needed."

Frost said this year is he and his wife’s 25th anniversary. They are planning on taking a trip to Italy with the winnings.

Frost claimed the winnings as a lump sum, taking home $1,976,500 after taxes. The winning numbers for the March 11 drawing were 1-7-31-40-44-47.