PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Pearl District Post Office site, which Prosper Portland and the Portland Housing Bureau purchased for $88 million last year, was one of the first properties to come to mind when Amazon announced it was seeking a second headquarters site last month.

Local brokers, as well as Prosper Portland spokesman Shawn Uhlman, mentioned the site is high on their lists of good ones that Amazon might consider.

"Five years ago, I don't think Portland would have been able to offer the options site-wise that we are able to now," Uhlman said of the post office site back when Amazon announced its headquarters search. "I really think we are in a position now to have some sites that could be considered."

It now appears that the city of Portland will more formally offer up the site to the online retailing giant.

According to the Portland Tribune, the city plans to offer Amazon the opportunity to buy the 13.4-acre property. The opportunity will be included in a list of other local properties that Greater Portland Inc. plans to submit to Amazon by an Oct. 19 deadline.

The Post Office offer, according to the Tribune, would also include two adjacent properties that Prosper Portland owns.

Early ideas for the Post Office site suggested it could be home to anywhere between 582,000 square feet to more than 840,000 square feet of office space, as well as large amounts of residential and retail space and parking.

The office portion could be increased depending on the development mix for the site. In addition, the Tribune noted that the City Council will consider raising the height limits for the site from 75 feet to 275 feet or even 400 feet depending on the location.

According to Amazon's initial RFP for the second headquarters, phase one of the project requires 500,000 square feet to be built or renovated. The total square footage for the build-out is up to 8 million square feet over the next several years.