BEAVERTON, Ore. -- People showing up for Tuesday afternoon appointments at Positive Changes Hypnosis in Beaverton were shocked to find the doors locked.

“Quite disappointed,” said Dena Barrows.

Barrows was disappointed because the treatment she has been getting at the business has been working.

“I was excited,” she said. “Excited to come back and keep going and finish it.”

The sign on the front door mentioned the business will be closed all week. The same sign is posted at the location in Spokane, Washington. A longtime employee there told our sister station that Positive Changes in Spokane, Bellevue, Boise, and Beaverton are closed for good.

“We were told last Thursday,” said an employee who wished to remain anonymous. “That it was very sad and they had tried to do everything they could do…but all four centers were closing their doors.”

Barrows wondered what it means for her since she bought $800 worth of sessions in advance.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” she said. “If I’m out all that money, it’s horrible.”

She is not the only one frustrated. We met a man who drove to Beaverton from Monmouth.

“Bit of a surprise,” said Butch Evans. “I wish they let us know there was an issue or something was up.”

“I was told because of legalities with the franchise that we would have to take care of clients…whether it be a virtual program or something,” said the anonymous employee. “We wanted to be able to do something for the clients…but I wasn’t told anything beyond that.”

Barrows is not holding her breath. She plans to make some calls.

“Try to find out if I can get a hold of anybody and see what’s going on.”

KGW made several calls to Positive Changes. All the calls went to a generic recording. We will continue to follow this story.