A few steps inside the Solo Club, in Portland's Slabtown District, signify quickly that diners, as well as those seeking high-end cocktails, are in for something different.

To name just one signature trait: There's a whole giant wall of booze, the more with which to make drinks by blending such items as bitters and vermouth.

The Solo Club is just one of the 27 restaurants that we're noting for their newness and, more important, their popularity among Yelp users. The review website shared with us the 27 eateries that, among those that have opened in the last three months, have logged average scores of four and above.

Photo gallery: Portland's favorite new restaurants

We decided to feature these spots to contrast with a regular feature we offer each May. The difference is that many on that list are venerable, known and beloved through the years. Here, we look at some of the industry's up-and-comers.

Click through the photo gallery to learn which restaurants, along with the Solo Club, that made Yelp writers' grades.

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