PORTLAND, Ore. - An audit found that Portland transportation officials aren't collecting enough information to regulate the taxi and ride-sharing industry.

The city's independent auditor found that most of the city's traditional taxi companies have failed to report required data, including wait times and ride cancellations, according to a news release sent Wednesday.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation also did not regularly analyze the data, the audit found. In addition, the data is not detailed enough for deep analysis.

To further complicate things, the industry designated its data as confidential, making it harder to publicly report the data.

"Local law now allows transportation network companies (such as Uber and Lyft) to operate under new requirements – including minimum standards for service, safety, insurance and data reporting," the release said. "The new policies and laws also removed many taxicab regulations, such as limits on the number of permits and price rates, and created new data reporting requirements."

Underreporting could result in thousands of dollars in fees not being paid to the city.

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Portland Taxi TNC Audit by KGW News on Scribd