PORTLAND, Ore. -- Oregon is home to 19,900 registered nonprofit organizations, according to the Oregon Attorney General’s Office. Giving Tuesday is seen, by many, as a terrific chance to get their message out to the public.

“It’s a great way for us to promote our mission,” said Janel Hull, from ChickTech, which encourages girls and women to follow careers in technology.

“A lot of the times nonprofits get pushed aside during the holiday season,” said Hull. “They’re not as important as maybe, buying gifts for your family, but we believe you can do both at the same time."

KairosPDX is another Portland group using Giving Tuesday to reach donors.

The nonprofit focuses on helping kids, mostly African American kids, do better during the early school years.

“You know, Portlanders care and they give and Giving Tuesday just really puts a spotlight on organizations that are working really hard in the community to make our community a better place,” said Executive Director, Kali Thorne-Ladd.

Both groups are part of the Give Guide put out by Willamette Week which aims to help raise a total of $4.4 million dollars.

“I mean, there are a lot of young people who are very passionate about different causes here in the city and want to see change happen, but don’t necessarily know how to affect that change,” said Mahala Ray, Executive Director for the Give Guide.

Its aimed at people 35 years and younger, and urges them to get involved.

“You don’t have to give a lot. Ten dollars makes a significant impact on any organization. And the community and really helps affect change to a cause,” she added.

There are some risks with all the donations this time of year. The Better Business Bureau created this site to help verify charities.