HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The new LinkedIn data center that just opened in Hillsboro is one of the most advanced in the world, the company says.

The data center takes up two buildings, one new, one existing. The buildings sit along Evergreen Parkway and are within an enterprise zone that offers tax breaks for new equipment and buildings.

The new facility holds 100,000 servers and has a goal of running on 100 percent green energy. The company said the cool Oregon air will allow it to save extra energy.

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“We have more than three dozen businesses participating in the enterprise zone here in north Hillsboro and we want to continue that trend of having more investment, more jobs, more opportunities for people here to earn a good living,” said city spokesman Patrick Preston.

LinkedIn says this data center is its third in the U.S. and will speed up connections for customers on the West Coast and Asia.

The site is a professional networking platform that includes people looking for work and companies looking to hire them.

Data centers typically run with few workers. The City of Hillsboro was notified that LinkedIn would be hiring between three and seven people for the new data center.