In our quarterly looks at which neighborhoods are Portland's so-called "hottest," we examine three critical metrics that gauge how Realtors, not to mention consumers and sellers, view various zip codes.

We split our work into three sections: Where the most expensive homes sold, where homes sold the fastest and, in today's installment, where the most homes, period, sold.

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The data comes to us from RMLS and was painstakingly assembled by PBJ research director Brandon Sawyer and designer Briana Finney.

In looking at the 25 neighborhoods where the most homes sold, a couple of things jumped out at us.

First of all, there were five fewer homes sold in the zip code that ranked #25 during 2016's third quarter than during its second quarter.

However ... The top zip code logged 381 sales, compared to 354 sales the previous quarter. And all told, the five top zip codes, in terms of the number of homes sold, recorded 3.4 percent more sales than 2016's second quarter.

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