Remember that scene in "Back to the Future Part II," when Marty McFly tries on the shoes provided for him by Dr. Emmett Brown in the future?

"Power laces!" Marty gushes. "All right!"

Well, it's 2016 (one year after the future depicted in "Back to the Future Part II"), and power lace shoes aren't just in the movies anymore. The first pair of Nike Mag power lace sneakers were released in 2011.

A new, improved version was released Tuesday.

Mark Parker, chairman and CEO of Nike, said the new version of the Nike Mag delivers on the full promise of the power lace shoes because it "senses the foot and laces itself."

The best news? Everyone has a chance to own a pair.

WATCH: The scene from "Back to the Future Part II" when Marty McFly tries on power lace shoes

The Nike Mag Hyperadapt 1.0 are the second version of the power lace shoes created by Nike. In 2011, Nike auctioned off 1,500 pairs of the first Nike Mag shoes, raising $4.7 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

There are fewer than 100 pairs of the new Nike Mag shoes. Once again, Nike has joined up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, but they won't be auctioning off the shoes this time. Instead, they're holding a lottery to give everyone a chance at owning a pair.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of the lottery will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The lottery begins Tuesday, Oct. 4 and ends Tuesday, Oct. 11. The winners will be notified on Monday, Oct. 17.

To enter the lottery (tickets cost $10 each), click here. There's no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase.