The names near the top are the ones you'd expect: Irvington, Nob Hill, Lake Oswego and so forth.

But it's also interesting to see that the zip codes at the bottom of the list of the 25 neighborhoods with the highest average sales price show commanding numbers themselves. Case in point: Damascus, Wilsonville, Tualatin Sherwood and Happy Valley had average home prices that ranged from $411,026 to $446,653, respectively.

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Between the $411,026 for Damascus and the jaw-dropping $901,329 average sales price for the top zip code on the list comes a steadily rising dollar amount for homes across the metro region.

The latest Market Action Report from the Regional Multiple Listing Service, released this week, showed that overall average sales price slipped a notch in September, from $400,100 in August to $392,200. And there may be some more seasonal softening on the way.

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