PORTLAND, Ore. – A Portland man, known for at one time owning more than 2,000 pairs of Nikes and creating a shoe museum, is selling one of Nike's most coveted kicks.

The first generation Nike Moon shoes, also known as Waffle Racers, were the first Nike Waffles ever used in competition. According to Jordan Geller’s post on eBay, about a dozen handmade Moon shoes were created for athletes competing in the marathon at the 1972 Olympic Trials.

One of the athletes who got to wear a pair of the original Nike Moon shoes was Bruce Mortenson, who ran at the University of Oregon and competed in the trials.

Geller is using his platform as a well-known shoe connoisseur to sell the original Moon shoes on Mortenson's behalf.

"The Moon shoes were definitely different than the Tigers I had been wearing,” Geller says Mortenson told him about the shoes. “More cushioning was the main difference. The Waffle Soles had a different feel as I felt quite a bit higher off the ground.”

Geller’s own collection of Nikes eclipsed more than 2,000 pairs in 2011. That's when Geller opened ShoeZeum, a museum for his shoe collection in San Diego. ShoeZeum moved to Las Vegas in 2012, and for months, was a must-see shop for sneakerheads.

When ShoeZeum closed at the end of 2012, Geller moved to Portland with his wife and began selling his collection.

Geller posted the orginal Moon shoes on eBay Thursday night and bids quickly leaped to thousands of dollars. The auction ends Dec. 11.

ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell said its the first time the shoes have been on the market.

If you want to check out the Moon shoes, or bid on them, click here.

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