One group spent more money lobbying Portland City Hall than any other entity has ever spent during one quarterly cycle.

So says the city of Portland's City Auditor's office, which released its fourth quarter lobbying reports on Monday. The reports detail, among other matters, the total money that registered lobbyists spend to convey their messages to city leaders, including their group's salaries and travel. Some may also report indirect lobbying efforts on the report.

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That said, the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors reported a $150,000 expenditure during 2016's fourth quarter. The nature of the expenditure wasn't detailed on any of the group's reports.

The group had lobbied against a proposed measure to add home energy score audits to the homebuying process. The measure passed through the Portland City Council unanimously.

Deborah Scroggin, the city elections auditor and a senior management analyst, said the expenditure was the highest ever recorded by one entity during a city reporting period.

Jane Leo, the group's director of governmental affairs, said the high amount results largely from disclosing the cost of a poll tracking opinions about the proposed home energy score measure, as well as digital media and a direct mail piece.

"It's an anomaly, but you're better off disclosing everything than not," Leo said.

Also spending high-dollar volumes, according to their expenditure reports, were the transportation companies Lyft and Uber as well as the home energy advocate Enhabit, which advocated for the home energy score provision.

The Business Journal took a look at the full year results from 2016's four lobbying reports. Click through on the picture above to see which entities spent the most money lobbying Portland city officials in 2016.

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