PORTLAND, Ore. - Falling sales have forced one of Portland’s oldest craft breweries to lay off almost half its workforce.  

BridgePort Brewing Co. is eliminating 13 brewing staff positions, the company reported.

“It is no secret that many legacy craft beer brewers have seen falling sales over the last few years,” said brewmaster Jeff Edgerton in a news release. 

“Oregon is a fiercely competitive market in which new microbreweries are launched practically every day," he said. "In addition, global beer companies continue to acquire and invest heavily in the local market.”

Sales have slumped since their peak in 2011, the company said.

As part its reorganization, BridgePort will install a small-batch pilot brewery inside the Pearl District’s BridgePort BrewPub that will produce several new beers weekly.

Customers will be able to drink while watching the brewing process.

The company also hopes the move will help the brewery react more quickly to changing consumer demand. 

BridgePort is already adding new beers. The brewery recently debuted Tiny Horse Pilsner and will soon introduce Multiball Double IPA – a brew made with seven different types of Northwest hops.