A mosaic of about 100 people appear on a green Starbucks holiday cup released Tuesday.

“The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers. During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other,” said Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO.

The cup was designed by artist Shoga Ota.

Starbucks will have a red holiday cup as well. An anonymous Starbucks employee who goes by DasUberSquid on Reddit, posted a photo of the new red-cup design.

This year's design features holly branches and a bird, a departure from last year's cup, which was plain red and angered some customers because of a lack of holiday symbols on the cup.

I peeked.

Some other Starbucks employees have posted photos of the boxes of holiday cups that have arrived at stores, with the sticker that reads, "No peeking until November 10," which most likely means you'll be able to get your Starbucks drink in one of the new holiday cups on that date.

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