Seahawk Cassius Marsh lost one of his most prized possessions Tuesday night, and he’s offering a reward to get it back.

Several Magic: The Gathering card decks were stolen from Marsh’s car in SoDo. Legacy Goblin, Modern Abzan Company, and Mondern Jund were among the eight decks stolen.

Marsh said his girlfriend took his car that night to go to the nightclub Aston Manor. Thieves broke into several cars in front of the club, including Marsh’s. Along with some Seahawks property, they took Marsh’s Magic cards.

The cards hold sentimental value for the Hawks defensive end, and he’s offering two Seahawks tickets to the next home game for whoever returns them.

Marsh tweeted Wednesday that his collection is everything, after God, family, and football.

“It’s not just the money,” Marsh said. “I’ve been playing since I was 11, and you spend a lot of time building these decks and playing, spending time with friends.”

Magic is a fantasy-based game of lore, strategy, and community, where players win, lose, and collect playing cards. Magic has an office in Renton.

Marsh said he wouldn’t ask any questions to whoever returns them. If you would like to return the cards, you can reach out to Marsh on Twitter, Instagram, or send them to the Seahawks facility in Renton.

“I would be very gracious to get my cards back,” Marsh said.