CANNON BEACH, Ore. -- Highway 26 leading from Portland to the ocean, thankfully offered no trouble Wednesday.

On the mostly deserted sand at Cannon Beach, there was plenty of room for a stroll in the icy coastal wind.

It didn’t faze Leigh Butler, who travelled here from Tacoma, for a moment.

“I mean, it’s just we've been coming here for 30 years at Thanksgiving and it’s just a special family time but it’s the most scenic coastline and beautiful place to be,” she said.

Winter weather did not seem to matter to this clan.

The Andersens have actually gathered here for 35 years according to Marylou, the matriarch, and Leigh’s mother.

“We love walking on the beach. We've had everything from snow to 70-degrees,” she said.

Family members come from California and Washington. One son will join the gathering from Norway using Facetime. Marylou's son Brit says he clings to their moments together.

“The Thanksgiving holiday never gets here fast enough. But then it just goes fast. So, that for me is the hardest part. We don’t get to spend enough time, together,” he said.

Thanksgiving is a time many of us converge with family or friends.

Jeanne King and her husband J.R. travelled to the Oregon coast from Boise to spend the holiday with their daughters who live in Portland.

It’s a time to reflect.

“Boy, I’m thankful for living in America and having lots of choices and ah, lots of hope,” said Jeanne.

It’s a time to soak in the wonder of nature.

“Well, we've come for years. And we just love it. It’s just so different from Idaho. I love the breakers and the storms, everything. Clam chowder,” he said.

Thanksgiving is also a time to remember what we have to be thankful for.

“We're thankful every day to be alive and be healthy,” said Julia Barnes from Seaside.

You hear that a lot from those who live on the coastline and those who traveled to the edge of the Pacific.

We each carry a ton of worries day to day. Maybe this is the holiday we set them down for a moment and simply give thanks.

“I'm thankful for the hope of the future. I'm thankful for being alive every day,” said Colleen Boyce.