PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Christmas Family Adoption Foundation started in the Portland area in 2002, with the goal of helping one family get by during the holidays.

Fast forward 15 years, and there are now more than 750 families needing help.

“Our goal is to just help as many people as possible every year to have a great Christmas,” said founder Mike Burright.

His organization pairs people who want to help, whom he calls “angels,” with families who are struggling during the holiday season. The angels help provide gifts for kids, and sometimes they'll even pay past-due bills for people.

“Some of our angels have purchased beds for the family, because the family didn't have any beds,” Burright said.

He said this year a record number of families have been nominated by teachers, DHS case workers or counselors to get help over the holidays. It'll be a challenge to get all of the families “adopted” but Burright said he’s hoping for the best.

“I just think it's important we care,” he said. “When some little kid climbs up on your lap and throws his arms around your neck, and the mother is in tears of gratitude, it just really warms your heart.

“And it reminds me that's what Christmas is really all about: Giving.”

if you'd like to help, visit the Christmas Family Adoption Foundation website, register as an adopting angel and choose the family you'd like to help. https://christmasfamilyadoption.com/

If you can't afford to adopt a family, Burright said the foundation is accepting donations until December 15.