PORTLAND, Ore. -- March is Portland Dining Month, and that means you can get 3-course meals for $29 at more than 120 Rose City restaurants during the month.

If that leaves you thinking "too many restaurants, not enough time," you're right. But the folks at Travel Portland have split a dozen of their favorite restaurants into three categories, and that's at least a great place to start your culinary adventure.

Some of the city's oldest favorites are still around for a reason. Travel Portland lists these five culinary classics to begin with: Clyde's Prime Rib, Wilfs Restaurant and Bar, RingSide Steakhouse, Papa Haydn East and Papa Haydn West.

For a trip around the world without leaving Portland, visit these "global gourmands": Ataula (Spanish and Catalan cuisine), East India Co. Bar and Grill (inspired by Indian cuisine) and Departure (inspired by "the fiery flavors of the Far East").

And if you want to check out some noteworthy newcomers, Travel Portland recommends Burrasca, Chesa (and its adjacent sister restaurant 180 Xurros & Xocolata, and the Heathman Hotel's newly opened Headwaters.

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Check out the full list here