To get away from Seattle’s expensive housing market, some aren’t just moving farther. Some are also moving into much smaller homes.

Sunflower is a new community of 14 affordable, small homes on Vashon Island. The community is run by the non-profit Vashon Household.

“Most of the folks are first-time homebuyers,” said Vashon Household Executive Director Chris Szala. “Even though (here) you’re close to your neighbor, probably not as close as (in) the city.”

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The homes are 750 square feet, one-bed, one-bathroom standalone units. Each home is $170,000. The community serves those making 80 percent or less of the area’s median income, which Szala states is $48,850 for one person and about $54,500 for a couple.

The Sunflower community is a community land trust, which means the land is owned by the non-profit, but the homes are owned by the residents. Szala adds the residents are a combination of retirees and the working class who have been forced out of Seattle due to rising prices.

Carole Meriam, one of the new homeowners, said she hasn’t owned a house in 25 to 30 years. Her home should be completed Thursday.

“Elated. I can hardly wait,” she said. “It was just a miracle it all came about. It’s a gift to the island.”