As part of our weeklong series, “What Experts Wish You Knew," we're talking about things we wish we had known long ago. And we chat with experts in different fields about things they wish their clients knew long ago.

We’re starting the series by talking with a personal trainer Tammie Dubberly, of Whole Body Fitness, who told us the top three things she wants people to know about fitness.

Weight training before cardio

“One of the first things I wish people knew ahead of time: Flip-flopping the order in which they do their exercises. So if you're going to do weight training and cardio, do weight training first to maximize your muscle fatigue, then do your cardio afterwards when you're in that maximum fat burning zone,” Tammie said. “Typically weight training, you can through a full body workout in about 30 to 40 minutes. And cardio, if you're doing it in that order, you can actually get maximum calorie burn by only about 20-25 minutes of cardio after your weight training.”

Foam Roll!

“The second thing I think people wish they would've known is foam rolling. I call it my ‘stop, drop and roll.’ You want to get a foam roller, which is going to be your own personal massage at home. What that does is break up the fascia that's around that muscle sheath, so it's aiding in recovery. Your tightness in your legs will go away much, much quicker.”

Weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise

The third tip I wish my clients knew is for weight loss, in particular: Weight loss is 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent in the gym. Really looking at weight loss from that perspective and getting a handle on their nutrition is key.

Aside from those Top 3 tips, Tammie said it’s very important to make time for recovery between workouts. Wait 24 to 36 hours between high intensity, full-body workouts give your body time to heal.

We’ll continue this series all week, covering the following topics: