SUBLIMITY, Ore. – Ten drivers who were pulled over in Marion County received an unexpected citation.

Instead of being given tickets, they were given pies.

The idea came from an anonymous person who talked with Deputy Tom Barber about donating ten pies to drivers stopped for traffic violations. Barber thought it was a great idea.

“What a creative way to impact our residents and perhaps changed a behavior that makes our roads a safer place to travel for our residents and visitors," he said.

Over the course of an hour, Barber, who is assigned to the City of Sublimity, stopped ten drivers and began the conversation as he typically does, “Good afternoon, I’m Deputy Barber.” He told the drivers why they were stopped and told them their fine would be a “nice round figure.”

Barber then would go back to his car, grab a pie and deliver it to the surprised driver.

“I had one driver break into tears. I couldn’t believe it,” Barber said. “I just hope this is a Thanksgiving week that those 10 motorists will never forget.”