May is National Cancer Research Month, and the future of cancer treatment and research is being discovered right here in Portland.

The Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center in the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute is a world-class research facility located within Providence Cancer Center in Portland. Founded in 1993 by Walter Urba, M.D., Ph.D., director of cancer research, and a team of internationally-recognized scientists, its main area of investigation is cancer immunotherapy – a specialized field of study focused on harnessing the innate power of the immune system to cure cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy was heralded as the "breakthrough of the year" by Science Magazine in 2013, but Providence Cancer Center has been studying it for nearly 25 years – positioning it as a global leader in unlocking the potential of this groundbreaking field of research.

But Providence Cancer Center's research team of more than 100 members cannot do it alone. Donor support helped establish cancer research at Providence and inspired donors continue to fund leading-edge research and technology to make scientific discoveries and new cancer therapies possible. Today, 70% of research at Providence Cancer Center is supported through philanthropy.

This is a very exciting time in the history of cancer research and therapy. Curing cancer is no longer just a dream. You are invited to join the race and help Providence Cancer Center reach the finish line by supporting its research. Together, we can FINISHCANCER.

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