TIGARD, Ore. -- A little girl in Tigard is making a big difference.

Katie Frazer and her 5-year-old brother have been working hard.

Katie has sold so much jewelry and talked with so many friends, family and neighbors that she has raised $8,000 for Village of Hope Uganda.

Her mom hasn't told her the whole story of how the children she's trying to help were once used as slaves and soldiers. She just knows they need her help.

“They are just like us. They just get a lot less than we do,” said Katie. “I just think we want to help them because they deserve to be in the village.”

Katie is trying to raise 24,000 dollars to build what she calls the compassion house to give 24 children a home, education, medical care and trauma counseling.

Her mom says every year for her birthday, Katie asks her parents for donations to Village of Hope instead of getting presents.

Want to help Katie reach her goal of $24,000? You can donate here.