PORTLAND, Ore. – A unique Portland rapper who shares his extreme love of cats through his music just released a new video.

Moshow didn’t grow up in Portland, he’s from the housing projects in Baltimore, but he said he was drawn here by Portland’s weirdness.

“I wanted to come somewhere where my music would be respected,” he said. “I came to Portland and my weirdness has been appreciated.”

Moshow the Cat Rapper (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Moshow raps with his three cats, Tali, MegaMa'am and Sushi, all Sphinxes. He holds them and sometimes wears them. He said he identifies with the hairless felines.

His latest video, called “Love Your Cats” was filmed at Ground Kontrol, a popular Portland hot spot and classic arcade. It features Moshow's three star felines and his latest song.

“Yeah I love my cats,” he sings. “You better love your cats.”

Moshow talked to KGW about his rise to fame as a guest on Live at 7 last month. He told KGW anchor Joe Donlon “I love cats, I love rapping. I’m here to spread the cat love.”

WATCH: Video of Moshow on KGW's Live at 7

Fans can watch all of Moshow’s cat raps on his YouTube channel: iAmMoshow.

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