PORTLAND, Ore. -- To say Chris Cornell is Matt Reeder's favorite musician would be an understatement.

“Chris Cornell just had the greatest voice,” said Reeder. “He had the greatest voice!”

On Wednesday night, around the time Cornell passed away, Reeder said he had been thinking of the singer’s band, Soundgarden.

"The last thing I thought about when I went to bed…was how I would like to see them on this current tour,” said Reeder.

He figured that was around the time a family friend discovered Cornell dead in his Detroit hotel from an apparent suicide.

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“I was in shock,” said Reeder. “I still am in shock. It's really hard to process.”

This was, after all, the lead singer of Soundgarden—a band that so shaped the soundtrack of Reeder's youth. He launched a website in 1999 that archived the history of Soundgarden's live performances.

“I thought, ‘there's nothing on Soundgarden at all,’” recalled Reeder. “They didn't even have an official website, so then I thought, ‘I'm going to do a website documenting their live history'…it kind of took up a lot of my life, at times.”

The website itself is now an archive.

Matt Reeder's Soundgarden website

“Maybe [Cornell’s death] brings more people to his music,” said Reeder. “If it does turn out to be suicide, I hope it also brings a new layer of understanding into what depression does to people.”

Reeder said he will always look back fondly on Cornell and Soundgarden’s music.

“It makes me sad knowing that there won't be more."

But Reeder knows what’s left will live on forever.