Sauteed Langoustines in a White Wine Sauce


Posted on February 9, 2009 at 11:20 AM

Updated Thursday, Sep 17 at 9:11 AM


7oz Langoustines or shimp

1Tbl cooking oil

1Tbl Butter

1Tbl Garlic chopped fine

1oz white wine

1oz chicken stock

1tsp lemon juice

1/2tsp worcestershire sauce

dash of Hot Sauce

Dash of Old Bay or seasoning salt

1/2c Heavy Cream


Place aute pan on Medium High burner and let heat up. Once warm , add butter, cooking oil and garlic.

Saute to a light brown then add langoustines. Cook for 1 min or4 so then add white wine, chicken stock , lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and old bay.

Let cook for 2 min or Med High heat and reduce by 36% or so. Add heavy cream and cook for another 2 min on simmer or until sauce has thickened.

Recommendation: Pair with white rice and finish with fresh parsley and sliced lemons.

Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc go well with this dish.

Phillip M Bryant

Bryant Station Restaurant

What are Langoustines?

Closely related to the other somwhat smaller relatives of lobsters, langoustines, Dublin Bay prawns and scampi are vittually indistinguishable. Langoustines have pink, smooth shelled narrow bodies with long, thin, knobbly claws. Originally found off the coast of Norway they are still sometimes known as Norway Lobsters, but today they are caught all along the Atlantic coast, in the Adriatic and Western Mediterranean. As a genersal rule, the colder the water in which the Langoustine lives, the better their flavor will be.